Online Learning

Welcome to Online Learning

This area is for you to learn body language in your own time. This is not Netflix, and my intention was never for you to ‘binge’ watch them – so there is no automatic click through. Watch one. Do the work and then progress. You will need to buy the Basic course before the system will let you buy the Advanced.

Body Language Basics has 12 videos, an e-book, an instruction sheet, activities to do, and video links to watch to enhance your learning.

Body Language Advanced has 8 videos, an e-book, an instruction sheet and activities to do, and four Modules of written resources that span my knowledge gained over 10 years – an invaluable resource to use every day.

Read the instruction sheet. Watch the videos, take it all in, read the books (which are not available for sale in the shop and only available to online learning users), use the resources, and then use Speakpipe to get questions answered.

All you have to do to use Speakpipe (Elemental Potential is the only website in NZ to use this amazing tool) is press the grey button down the right hand side of your page that says send voicemail and leave me a message. It is just between you and I and it will come straight through to my phone, and I’ll answer your query about the video content or anything else in your learning.