Compassionate Assertiveness in Business – it’s here, whether you like it or not!


Published: 25 Apr 2023

Compassionate Assertiveness

Compassionate Assertiveness in Business – it’s here, whether you like it or not!

Will you be left behind?


We are in the end times of an era in business.

And as in all things that end, something new must emerge.

That new in business, in this decade – is compassion….finally!

A generation of decades makes change inevitable at this point in time.


The option to do the same old thing is now off the table.

An argument that nobody cares about your money, status, or reputation?

To carry on chasing them keeps you trapped in low dimensions.

Your ego will wrestle you, but you need to fight it.


We need to move from the mundane.

Not be afraid of the sense of the shift happening in the world.

We were meant for more than this 9-5.

Man created that. Man can break it down too!


Chaos is here, lurking behind every business door.

And, those left behind feel it from both sides.

They wonder what is happening to them.

They feel it in the words that people use and actions that they take.


They are surprised and startled.

How did they become the outsider?

Clinging to old ways in business.

Every man for themselves.


False prophets touting ridiculous promotions,

Feeding off people’s fears.

Outdated societal norms. They don’t even know yet that they are already extinct.

Unsustainable ethos enslaves us to the 40 hours or more.


Instead, what can you add?

What can you teach?

Do you look for the win-win,

Or do you look only to yourself?


Do you see the whole human?

Or do you see a colleague or employee?

Change, so quickly comes when we look anew at the people around us at work.

Consider their life. What their journey might have been.


It does not excuse who they are, what they may say, who they might have been…….but it offers insight.

Better than hindsight.

Better than harbouring slights.

Better than sleepless nights.


The carpet is no longer there to sweep things under.

The time to remain quiet has expired.

Who are you in this brave new world?

Trapped in safety? Fearless in reality?


You were meant for more. More joy. More love.

Yes, we are humans living in supernatural times,

We may need to work, but it is the HOW that is now important.

See that. Live that. And we ALL move on. We all ascend beyond the mundane.


If you want to know more about embracing compassionate assertiveness in your business reach out to me.

If you feel deep down in your core that the way you are working is not right.

Or the way you are running your business is no longer resonating with you.

If you know your people are unhappy. Uninspired. Swept along with the undercurrent that runs through your business.

Change is easier than you think.