What’s the deal with small talk? Your options


Published: 20 Mar 2023

Being a Great Human

Avoid – this would include introverts who find this uncomfortable. Avoid situations where you might have to small talk.

Minimise it.

  1. Be really honest if a topic doesn’t interest you.

So, if someone talks about politics for example you can say.

Politics don’t interest me at all, but I can see that you’re passionate about that.

  1. Don’t add anything about yourself. That will just extend the conversation. Listen to their side and then make an escape. “Sounds fascinating but I need to be in my office in 15 minutes. Add a courtesy on if you escape like…….Great to meet you. I appreciate your opinion.

Embrace – can you see it in a different light and make it more interesting for both sides?

Ask better questions and avoid what do you do/where do you come from/is this your first time here?


If someone else kicks off the conversation use “that sounds”……. as a good starting point and then add a describing word for example

That sounds intriguing. What do you like so much about Water Polo?

Add a fact about yourself. I get that. I’m really into Paddle Boarding. This provides an easy in for the other person to ask you something.