The Meghan and Harry Oprah Interview decoded


Published: 10 Mar 2021

Body Language

Let me say first, body language is part science, part observation, and part intuition. I will also say that I only watched this interview ONCE with everyone else in New Zealand. It is normal for body language analysts to watch a video up to 50 times in the course of their work in a professional setting – for example for pitching, security, fraud, police work. But I decided to watch it once, and once only, and go with my initial thoughts….so here they are from 3 pages of notes scribbled down as I watched it!

So, even amongst global body language ‘experts’ who have analysed this interview, interpretations differ. No more so than in the way Meghan covers Harry’s hand throughout the interview which some ‘experts’ have decoded as dominance, and some as support for her husband – connection/love – in case you’re wondering I see support and connection only. Wanting to be there for her husband.

Everything in body language that you see in the decode is the perception of the person showing it, the person you are observing. And, more importantly an interpretation of their emotions, thoughts, feelings and especially in this interview- remembrance. Specifically the remembrance that THEY have. This means that what you are viewing is THEIR perception and there are 2 or more sides to every story. What you are seeing is THEIR version of reality.

Here is my interpretation of what I saw:

In general:

I see NO signs of intentional deception from either of them.

I do see insecurity from Meghan that she shouldn’t be saying some of the things she is saying, this manifests 3 or 4 times in the horizontal index finger over Meghan’s top or under her bottom lip. Trigger statements provoke this I think such as: “It’s not their right to take it away!”

Harry occasionally shows suppressed anger specifically when Oprah is talking about the media hate campaign against Meghan in the UK and says to Meghan in a ‘tongue in cheek’ way with a smile something like  “so did you instigate Megxit?”

Harry plays with his wedding ring a lot, right from the get go. Men will sometimes do this when their wife isn’t with them but they wish they were to offer moral support. It’s his way of feeling close to her during the interview – a self soothe (comforter).

In most of the shots that you see them together in shot I see nothing but love, closeness and support between Harry and Meghan. Although both of their (top) legs are towards Oprah (a sign of respect and focus on her) the rest of their body language is towards each other. Even their shoulders dip towards each other in the middle and they try and come into the middle to each other with their bodies. Their elbows are almost touching too.


What she is saying is the truth to her. Her baseline (what someone normally looks, moves like) does not veer from what it always is, for the most part of the interview. Where it does it is triggered by certain remembrances or statements/questions. Ones I noticed specifically are:

When Meghan is talking at the very beginning about her realisation of how serious the monarchy and the Queen are, she talks about how in LA you are used to seeing famous people but this is next level. When she talks about having to courtesy for the first time she rubs her knees in a bit of a self-hug when she relays Harry saying to her “yes she is my grandmother, but she’s the Queen first.”

When she says the phrase “there’s lots of drama going on” she breathes in and starts blinking rapidly showing stress.

She rubs the end of her nose a few times when she says phrase like “what was shocking was…” and “character assassination” which I read as discomfort or dubiousness – not deception. (In body language decoding you are always looking for context, layers, and clusters of cues and clues and prior to this no deception was present).

When she talks about “protecting Kate from that ever being out in the world” she does an obvious nose sniff in (sign of displeasure – maybe at herself because she feels like she covered for Kate).

The only time I see Meghan showing an obvious sign that she deeply lacks support is when she talks about “why do they need to create heroes and villains” she holds her own neck, which is a common sign when you feel that no one else is supporting you.

When the word ‘protection’ was used her rapid eye blinking begins again and her hands which throughout are consistently on her lap become suddenly animated and show speech illustrators (emphasising important things to her.)


He shows protective/suppressed anger at times – especially when talking about “my greatest concern is that history is repeating itself”. I wish I could have seen his body language when he heard the opening line of the Queens response to the interview.

The Queen’s statement reads: “The whole family is saddened to learn the full extend of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members.”

Harry often rubs or cradles underneath his right thigh, which is quite an unusual body language move. It appears to happens 3-4 times when he is remembering or referencing his mother Diana. I’ve taken this as a not so common version of a self hug. Is the right leg only significant? I believe so. Female is the right hemisphere of the brain and left male. Neurologically speaking the left side of our brain turns on (innervates) the right side of our body. In other words it could be that thinking of male influenced things/past pain etc fires body language in the right side.

We see both of them recalling information, remembering, thinking by looking left, right, up, down, sideways and there has been much talk about this being ‘evidence’ of deceit. There is so much evidence now that debunks the myths around right and left side looking up etc in body language and it being about deceit. There are so many better ways to catch deceit than make that massive assumption which would be foolish.

I prefer to see it as the emotional – body link to what you are seeing. Looking up, down, sideways, left or right is always about processing information, recalling things, remembering things etc. I see the left hand looking as past, pain, memories – and the right hand looking as forward motion, future, change.

So I believe his self hugs on the right are very significant – protection over his wife – the same thing can’t happen to her that happened to Diana. Meghan talks/implies at one stage about it being Harry that instigated the move away from royal life, and from his body language in this interview I believe that is possibly true.

Harry’s body language visibly veers from his baseline when he talks about his father. He chews his bottom lip when saying “They only know what they know” (meaning they know no difference).

The pivotal part of the interview with Harry is when he says,” I feel let down by him (Charles). When he continues to say “because he’s been through something similar” his blinking goes into overdrive (stress reflexes) at that juncture his blink rate is 6 blinks in 4 seconds. Way above the usual 16-20 blinks a minute most humans use.

Oprah winds it up beautifully by saying “What do you most treasure about the past year?” to him, and his face literally lights up, when he talks about the joy of being together as a family unit.

And I’m always looking for the moment when the camera stops. Just as they are about to go off air you see a long shot of Meghan moving in her chair and placing her hand (right one I think) squarely in the centre of her forehead and rubbing it back and forth sideways. It’s usually relief when done in this manner.

My favourite part is when Harry references ‘you may think it is woo woo but there have been forces in play for me’. He looks embarassed for a nano second in a micro expression. He believes his mother has been watching over him and she would be proud that he broke away and lived the life she possibly dreamed of for him and his family….the life she aspired to but never had!

Whatever you personally took from this interview always choose compassion first, seek first to understand others. Be conscious always that every aspect of human interactions are merely perception of the individual, and that individual has become who they are in random and complex ways.

Body language is the truth of the raw emotions being seen.