Has Covid altered generational predictions for the workplace?


Published: 6 Jun 2020


The business world goes through periodic changes. It’s a natural evolution. The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly sped some aspects up.

We are now in the age of workplace well-being. The focus has shifted from the few to the many. Less focus on the few people that are upsetting a workplace, and more focus on the many who are dealing with workplace injustice, bullying, massive ego’s and passive aggressive behaviour.

Great management of people will hinge around compassionate assertiveness. These compassionately assertive managers of people know what needs to be said to re-address the balance, but do it in such a way that it is never at the expense of anyone’s dignity.

One prediction about the generations when Boomers have left the workplace is that Millennials – who could make up 75% of the workforce by then are predicted to move workplace wellbeing forward exponentially and themselves into prominent senior positions.

Fairness, equity, and value based employment is in Millennial DNA coding. They won’t tolerate big egos, and passive aggressive or aggressive people affecting the many. They will performance manage them right out of the door – along with their cactus and righteous indignation!

Covid 19 could have altered that ecology. In New Zealand the vast majority of small to medium business owners are Gen X. The Covid impact of some of these businesses closing down, and those Gen X owners having to go back to working for someone else may have impacted the progression of Millennials.

It is feasible that Millennials may now be held back for a few more years as Gen X look to take management positions that fit their experience levels. It is also feasible that many Gen X will not be doing this willingly, but rather as a means to an end. The reason that most businesses are owned by Gen X is that they didn’t want to work for someone else, they are entrepreneurial by nature and like to set their own hours and ways of working.

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