Open letter to the Universe


Published: 22 Mar 2020

Emotional well-being

Ok we get it. We got sloppy. We played the ‘busy’ card, we put things off, we made excuses to ourselves why we didn’t do things.

If the amount of people who have told me that they are loving this ‘new’ way of life are anything to go by this week, I’m guessing your plan worked?

We needed a wake-up call. That call was to slow down, stay present when you are dealing with people, re-assess how you work and what you do for work. Re-strategize any life goals, decide how much you want to worship the dollar. Re-connect. Be more compassionate.

Think small picture in your business and what you need to do to survive and thrive right now, not in 3-5 years’ time. Think big picture for the planet and realise possibly for the first time in your life how we really are all in this together. One people, regardless of race, religion, or location.

People have realised what semi-remote workers like myself have realised for years – when you work at home you automatically cut out the one and a half to two hours of mundane stuff you used to do every night when you got home, like washing, cooking, cleaning, sorting. Because now you do it as you ‘potter’ in between clients, meetings or other work remotely.

Pottering is vastly underrated. My dad was a Grand Master at it, and my sister and I inherited it. Pottering can make you incredibly productive, brilliant at strategizing, and super chill into the bargain.  It reminds me of the movie About a Boy, (which is a great movie by the way if you are looking for something to watch on You Tube). The lead character compartmentalises his life into small sections of time. ‘Potterers’ rarely get overwhelmed by things because they don’t take on big projects all in one go, they eek it out, split into smaller parts, start it one day and then go back to it later.

Humans like to feel accomplished, and Potterer’s really come into their own under this heading. We can achieve so much in a day, and yet make it seem like we have not been busy at all, and perfectly relaxed. We get around to projects that other people leave, because we enjoy the tiny projects – sewing a button back onto your favourite jacket, clearing and cleaning one drawer that has been irritating you etc.

You actually gain time by working from home that you can use for other stuff. And what’s the other stuff? It’s currently limitless it seems. Some of the world’s most amazing museums and art galleries have displays online for you to see. The Met Opera is online. Some of the world’s greatest universities have released thing for you to read for free. I found over 1500 articles on coaching the other day. The world’s greatest rock stars are doing impromptu micro concerts from their living room in their dressing gowns.

You can learn something new. You can upskill your knowledge to expert level in whatever you’re great at. You can keep fit once the pool shuts by doing 50m laps of your backyard walking up and down (that’s me) sigh I LOVE swimming, will miss being in the water every day.

You can finally click on some of those You Tube cooking demonstrations you’ve always wanted to try. You can read to your grandchildren virtually. You can work through all the books you’ve bought over the years and never read. You can space clear, sort, organise your home.

Wow, who is excited? You’ve never had a better opportunity to do less, do different, do more, do new, do whatever you want.

I guess you also knew dear Universe that we hadn’t been looking after ourselves properly. Chasing our tails every day, trying to keep up, stay ahead, earn more, prove something to somebody. We lacked nutrition. We lacked quality sleep. We lacked love and appreciation. The human spirit was weary. People confused about their place in the world.

We now have time to breathe. To reflect. To just be. People are sleeping better, catching up with friends and relatives more, having virtual dinner parties, morning teas, and get togethers. Telling people that they love, that they love them.

For some of us, it was quite literally a race against time to get family members back from overseas, with borders closing behind them at every turn. I am grateful to complete strangers that showed my family kindness during those crazy few days. To Air NZ who were quite simply magnificent, and are one of our national treasures. To the NZ Embassy who were kind and calming. To Jacinda, for keeping us informed, and in perspective. I am 100% certain that ‘they’ are working behind the scenes to get New Zealanders home, and that they know and care about individual New Zealanders.

We got back to basics really quickly – real food, eating together, growing our own food. Thinking about the energy we use – because eventually we have to pay the bill. Washing is blowing on lines all around the country, crockpots have been unearthed, and are on everyday making nutritious and super cheap food for the freezer.

We stopped eating out (which is not great for the cafes), but it is great for the bank account. We thought about where our money actually goes, for the first time in ages maybe? We use way less petrol, the carbon footprint has gone to nil overnight for most people who travelled a lot for their job.

I got given instant credit at the push of a button by air NZ for the six flights I’d booked in the next few weeks. Most of that work will still happen…just virtually.

I know North island companies that may not go back to working in the South and vice versa when this is all over. Who knows what would happen if businesses just stick to their own island? Already people, (me included) are realising how the overheads for their business have gone down overnight. Many will not want to pick up those overheads again when they don’t need to. Would sticking to your own island mean more specialists, less competition, and a better service overall?

However the virus has affected you – keep calm and don’t carry on if you don’t want to.  You can use this time to re-invent yourself, or your business, or the way you work. Businesses are already super aware that managing teams remotely is quite different to managing real people in real space and time. There is no direct transfer from real to virtual for most businesses, there will always be a difference.

Ease up on the pressure on yourself. In theory, life just got easier in so many ways didn’t it? All you have to do is look for where that is in your life.

This is a human defining moment in history. How we act, towards each other is what will define us and determine what we are left with when it is all over. Choose compassion. Choose rational. Choose whatever is easy, not difficult. Choose not to use it as an excuse for anything. Look for the positive, because there’s nearly always something.

Do your bit. Whatever that means for you. For me it meant looking to see where I could make my services even more accessible, and at even more reasonable prices, for businesses and individuals. Everything about Elemental Potential is geared to help people, and the last thing I want to do is monopolize on a crisis.

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Stay strong, and be your Elemental Potential.





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