Open letter to future you


Published: 22 Mar 2020

Man Coaching

Ok, we get it. We got sloppy. We played the ‘busy’ card, we put things off, we made excuses to ourselves why we didn’t do things. Covid 19 was a global wake-up call.

Did you need a wake-up call? The global pandemic had us all re-assessing why we hadn’t slowed down sooner. We had no choice but to stay present when our physical world became smaller and more confined. It was the perfect time to re-strategize any life goals, decide how much you wanted to worship the dollar. Re-connect?

While many people got stuck into thinking about what they needed to do to survive and thrive in the short term. Many were thinking bigger picture,  and possibly for the first time in a long time about if they were living their best life.

So what did you do during that time? Did you get around to projects that you’d been putting off? Did you gain time by working from home? What did you do with that time?

You had the ideal opportunity to do less, do different, do more, do new, do whatever you want.

If you could write a letter to future you, what would it say?

Dear Me,

Look after yourself properly, stop chasing your tail doing things you don’t like doing to prove something to someone.

Eat well, get quality sleep under your belt, show and appreciate love in all of its forms. Don’t let your spirit become weary and confused about your place in the world. Breathe. Catch up more with people that fill your cup.

Get back to basics – life really is simple, we make it difficult at times. Ease up on the pressure on yourself.

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