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Published: 30 Sep 2018

Compassionate Assertiveness

I love data and evidential proof – so asking attendees of the public workshops to complete an evaluation gets me into their head-space after they’ve been in the room with me.

One of the questions I asked in the Communication Bootcamp this year was:

“How do you think Compassionate Assertiveness will benefit you in your personal and work life?”

Here’s some of the most common and best answers I received:

My husband will like me more!

My life will be happier – more peaceful inside.

I feel lighter in life’s approach.

Less confusion when communicating with people.

Makes the hard conversations easier.

I like myself better when interacting with my partner.

It’s a gracious way to address issues.

I think before I speak.

I have more control over my life.

It helps me to interact with people I don’t ‘gel’ with.

Makes me more courageous and confident.

100% a changed person after this event.

More win-win.

Takes the guess work out of communication.

My staff will understand my expectations better.

It’s handy in conflicting situations.

Makes people accountable for their words and actions.

What’s not to like about those remarks?

Want a piece of that?

There are still a few LIVE events happening around the country if you want to learn first-hand how Compassionate Assertiveness works. Go to upcoming events and find an event near you.



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