Are you someone else’s burden?


Published: 30 Sep 2018

Compassionate Assertiveness

Aggression. Passive Aggressive behaviour. Twiddly bits that sound a lot like moralisation, judgement, opinions. EGO driven diatribes. Sweeping generic statements.

Are you someone else’s burden?

‘Bad’ communication can literally BLOCK everything you are trying to attract.

Communication – like everything else on the planet is just energy! And guess who sets the precedent for the energy? That’s right. YOU!

So every time you bring yours or someone else’s energy down with poor communication or behaviour that is what you’ll get back. Your world reverberates to what you send out.

So? What do you need to ditch? Say it out loud. You know it.

Your nearest and dearest know it (because they live with it, or put up with it).

Compassionate assertiveness will correct your own behaviour and help those in your life to corrective coach you, so that you stop dishing out the bad stuff. They stop letting it in. They do not accept it.

Life is short people. Love is rare, and rarely unconditional.

I had quite a few people last year gloating (yes gloating) that their partners will never leave them despite poor behaviour and communication.

Here’s the kicker – and my answer to those that think they have unlimited ‘get out of jail free cards’ up their sleeve when it comes to their partners.

“That may be true (that they’ll put up with it)  – but all it means is that they are NOT getting the LOVE they deserve…….and that is on YOU!

Life is short. Way too short to be a shitty communicator. You owe it to yourself and everyone in your world at home and work to be better. Try harder. Learn new techniques. Ditch old habits and patterns. Stop believing that your past determines your future – IT DOESN’T – not where communication is concerned.

You can change your communication style WHENEVER YOU WANT!

It’s easy. You just have to want it.

Read this article about compassionate assertiveness and learn more.




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