The real truth about leadership!


Published: 4 Aug 2018


Many things change in the business world. It’s in a constant state of evolution! New buzz words appear. ‘Revolutionary’ new working methods and processes abound. Business Gurus come and go. Some stay, and are held up as shining examples of excellence for years…..because their methods work, and are timeless.

One thing that has never changed in business is this……..the companies who enable poor leadership lose their best people!

They lose them through disappointment, bullying, and dis-interest.

The cost of this exodus is huge. Every re-appointment has a cost, in human time and money. It takes re-adjustment from the rest of the team as they get used to another person. The dynamics of a business change with every single person that comes and goes.

So, can everyone/anyone be a leader? If not, why not?

How do we benchmark what a great leader looks and feels like? Where have we seen it, worked with it? What are our role models and pre-conditioned ideas about leadership that we bring to the table?

I’m doing a collaboration later in the year with a workplace specialist, and as part of our preparations and brainstorm we discussed what OUR motivations were for running the workshop. Both of us commented that we wished our work was much less about firefighting/ambulance at the bottom of the cliff type work, and more about pro-active support of leaders.

So, what is the real truth about leadership?

By the time you need help, somebody within your organisation has been affected – full stop!

Less firefighting. Move the ambulance from the bottom of the cliff.


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