How to make sure your team are an asset to you


Published: 23 Jul 2018


Exceptional leadership is rare…..for lots of reasons. Pre-conditioning. Role Models. Communication default styles. Coercion by the people above you.

One of the continuing missions ahead for Elemental Potential is to get to the issues in communication for businesses BEFORE they become an issue, and the simplest, easiest way to do that is to look at the leadership of people at every level of a business.

If you are responsible for people management at any level then this is for you. You have peoples’ lives, emotions and productivity in your hands…..literally!

So how? How do you ‘be the change’? Be the inspiration? Be ethical? Be the role model, mentor, voice of reason? Gracious?

Here are some ways you can both BE an asset, and ensure that your team are an asset to you:

  • Promote a culture of compassionate assertiveness – if you see it, say it!
  • Ask questions – rather than make assumptions – paraphrase and ask the next obvious question
  • Be the change – if you see scope for innovation – do something about it!
  • Bring the best version of you into work
  • Protect the brand AT ALL TIMES – personal ownership
  • Build people up, instead of knocking them down

Look for the ‘Value Infused’ parts of your day

Most businesses have a set of values – formal or informal. But, the ability to really COMMIT to them presents a very different face to the world of that business.

The best businesses have a meaningful and credible set of values that they are willing to HIRE and FIRE on!

Ensure people have a direct link to the people above them so they can voice concerns and ask questions.

Personal accountability from the top to the ‘bottom’. This only ever happens when people are given a chance to make a difference. Empowerment can produce some of the best work a person has ever done. When people feel trusted and valued to do what THEY are best at.




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