What’s new in the science of body language?


Published: 7 Apr 2018


For almost 7 years I’ve been teaching body language on the premise and science of the seven universal expressions- anger, happy, sad, fear, surprise, contempt, and disgust. Now 2 people one from Santa Barbara and one from the UK have said that there are in fact only four and the others emanate from those four.

I’ve also been teaching that body language when it manifests,  comes from your emotions- your sub conscious.

This week is an important week for body language and a number of academics, psychologists and scientists have all dropped massive revelations on the world that overturn previous thinking.

The research behind it has been going on for many years of course, but I believe it is serendipidous that these people from the US and from De Montfort University in the UK where I studied back in the day have all been in the media with new evidence.

Change is coming, and change is good. When I first read some of the papers I had to just sit and take it in. The theories I’m being asked to take on actively contradict what I was taught and what I have been teaching.

Rather than summarise and trivialize the enormity of these discoveries I have included the links for you to read for yourself and ponder upon as I have this week.

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