Simple courageous conversations


Published: 11 Feb 2018

2018 Communication Compassionate Assertiveness


Courageous conversations!  Compassionate assertiveness works! – That’s the good news!

No elaborate story – Just a solution for you to start using today to change your life!

Using language that you understand:

  1. FLIP – your person’s behaviour and make them accountable for what they just said or did to you – good or bad.

If they were obnoxious or rude to you in some way ask a question that makes them explain themselves.

“What would make you say that BOB?” adding the name on the end makes it personal – hey they just got personal with you


2. FEEL – the emotional ‘ping’ of what just happened and respond accordingly. Don’t let it go, don’t internalise it. DON’T RUN!

Tell them how they made you feel. “I feel that is unreasonable Janene. You’ve made me feel incompetent.”


3. DO SOMETHING – right there, right then – a consequence, a suggestion?

“I can’t agree with that, so you may need to find someone else, or we may need to renegotiate Bob.”


4. SURRENDER – and ask them what they think should happen – good or bad you’ll know the truth.


Simple. Quick. Easy things to try this week to take back your power and become compassionately assertive using courageous conversations as your goal.

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