Scaling up Compassionate assertiveness


Published: 9 Jan 2018

2018 Compassionate Assertiveness


The modern word is pivot I believe. My business has pivoted several times in almost seven years. Through necessity. Through growth. Through global understanding and reach. And…….because it is time!

2012-2014 I took the work where I could get it. It was new what I was asking people to believe – that body language awareness and compassionate assertiveness together could change a life……change the world even! Insightful people and businesses took a chance on me and spent their hard earned money listening to what I had to say in conferences, training sessions, and public events. I’d given up my ‘real job’ in December 2011 and taken on more freelance writing to help pay the bills to keep me on the road.

In 2015 I was on the road pretty much 365 days – transient, a nomad, living and working in my element for Elemental Potential. I formalised my year into a tour, honing my craft, running evening classes if I stayed in a town longer than a couple of weeks, public events every Saturday in a different town or city, and still freelance writing for a newspaper and magazine sending in articles from planes, ferries, cafes, and hotel rooms.

In 2016 I did 82 events and 111,000 km – massive year, incredible year. I became the student as well as the teacher along the way, learning whatever I could from the thousands of people I came across and the stories they told, the hopes they had for better communication, better relationships. I had my first glimpses of a new micro-expression – at that pivotal moment when the people in front of me got the first niggle that compassionate assertiveness could really work. That micro-expression was bewilderment…..and I remember getting that niggle back in 2012!

In 2017 I did 52 events ‘only’ one a week!  People who had been following me for years, showed up to my events from as far north as Cable Bay and as far south as Gore? New people showed up. The word was spreading, you’d think I’d be grateful? Instead I was anxious! I now knew for certain that compassionate assertiveness worked, over 10,000 people at a rough estimate over the years had heard me speak in public events and in businesses.

Why was I anxious? Because 50-100 people in a room 52 times a year does not spread a global message. And for me it has always been about the message. I don’t want to be a guru, be called a guru or live the life of a guru. I want to get the compassionate assertive message to as many people as possible in the quickest, cleanest, most logical way possible. To change lives. To change the world. To corrective coach unreasonable communication and behaviour, eradicate toxic people, and help you to arrive at a place of pure potentiality, where YOU decide how you are communicated to, and you feel INpowered.


2018? I want to be ahead of the game. Get to businesses before the communication reaches critical mass and they lose their best people. Get to real live humans globally, and show them that there are different choices than sucking it up, and inviting in communication that doesn’t work for them. Get to graduates before they become employees and employers.

If you know a way to help me spread the message then reach out.





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