Here’s me owning my vision for this year


Published: 9 Jan 2018

2018 Inspiration

Last year I worked with over 1,000 women in towns and cities all across New Zealand. This year I have a different vision for Elemental Potential. I want to work closely with 100 women!

In 2018 I want to work up close and personal with those 100 women to change lives. No take backs. No going back to old patterning. A complete re-set. 1-1 time, real healing, intensive learning opportunities, shifting old patterns and beliefs, creating new models for their lives. It’s called Simplify your Life, and if you want to be one of those 100 women – you’ll find a way to be.

Have I forsaken all of those incredible people who made all of this possible? The people who have been following me for years, showing up to events from as far north as Cable Bay and as far south as Gore? No, of course not. I know why my vision came to life, why my business is successful, and who I owe it to – those people who have supported me since 2012.

That is why I invested heavily in new technology and my flashy pants new website last year. Online learning of body language in your time, in your way with direct access to me through Speakpipe (a first in NZ).

Building a community of people online where they can come together, learn how to communicate better, appraise and review my philosophies with others, swap stories, successes, and share how greater communication is changing lives.

I’ve helped couples to love each other more in elemental ways. I’ve helped parents see their communication through the eyes of their children. I’ve helped so many hardworking business owners identify and eliminate toxicity in their businesses so that it isn’t a lead weight slowing down their success. I’ve sent hundreds of people out into the world with a new CV and enhanced perspective of how spectacular they really are.

I’ve sat in small and large groups of people ruminating the wonders of space clearing and it’s magical powers of attraction to bring something much, much better into the void.

I’ve shared my lifestyle of minimalism.

I’ve shared my money, my food, my accommodation, my car.

I’ve shown more love, received more love, been appreciated, been appreciative. Been overwhelmed by the generosity, good nature and the positive power of people in general.

I’ve surprised myself as I’ve grown again this year – in my head, in my perception of what is really happening in my life and the world at large. In awe of being alive at this point in history, and the possibilities ahead for all of us.

My challenge to you all?

Let’s make 2018 simpler than ever before.

Hone and condense it down to a drop – so pure, the ultimate essence of you. How you want to work, love, play.

It’s possible. I know it!

It’s doable. You just need to believe it!

The ‘more’ you are seeking is out there………….and within you.


Own it

Take back your life

Make it work for you



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