2018 – Yes it really IS that simple!


I’m cheering you all on to have the life you want in 2018.

If you’ve felt frustrated, underwhelmed at your life, overwhelmed in your life in 2017, make a pact just to yourself (you don’t have to shout about it), that 2018 will be different.

My top tips as you embark upon yet another year on how to keep things simple in 2018.
  1. Space clear – everything.

Stuff – When you have less stuff you have less stuff to maintain, insure, clean, store and pay for. This should be a no-brainer. If you don’t actually know what all of your stuff is (boxes in garages etc), can’t find stuff, have to pay to store it, or buy stuff to store stuff in, then you probably have too much stuff!

People – Anyone that you saw, or spent time with in 2017 that didn’t resonate with you, put you down, or treated you badly. Either minimise your time with them in 2018, cut them out of your life completely, or learn how to be more assertive with them and show them how to treat you in a  way that is acceptable to you.

Cyber space – make your mind up that it won’t control you in 2018. Ditch as much social media as you can, disconnect automatic alerts on your phone and check in when you want to.

Technology – Learn the art of not always having your phone in your hand. Those people are ALWAYS more interesting than the people with the phone in their hand constantly. Why? Because they are actually living, observing, participating with other humans and the planet. They are not interested in what everyone is doing or eating or watching. I am always drawn to the person with no phone in their hand.

  1. Create space – everywhere.

When you just slow down, arrive early, leave actual gaps in your day that are not accounted for, you leave that magical “wriggle room” space I’m always talking about. The universe will fill it with all kinds of wondrous things for you if you allow it to. Just the simple act of arriving early – not just in time, or late, takes the pressure off, you feel more in control, composed and confident. If you have a business, leaving ‘wriggle room’ in your day means you can work ‘on’ your business not ‘in’ your business in those moments.

Have a vision for your lifestyle and protect it

You know what your perfect day, way to work, how to spend work and play time looks and feels like – so protect it.

If you’ve heard me talk about the 9,000 hours before (the amount of actual freewill hours in a lifetime a person over 45-50 has left after everything a ‘normal’ person does) then consider that when you are making your daily choices in how to spend your time and who with.

You are much less likely to say no instead of yes if you tell yourself, “This is coming out of my 9,000 hours.”

The key to simplifying your life……

Take everything (and everyone) out that no longer serves you and add in everything (and everyone) that does.

Take away the need to conform to what people usually do, and what they usually have (houses, money, mortgages, cars, consumer goods?) And do what is right for you. Absolute freedom is about not worrying about what the ‘norm’ is.



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